• Asia Brand Foundation Honors Top Innovation Speaker

    top innovation speaker

    Robert B. Tucker has been awarded the BrandLaureate International Brand Personality Award for his outstanding contributions to innovation field.

  • Is Innovation Really, Finally, Going Mainstream?


    Innovation Management Report’s Editor Michael F. Wolff sat down with Tucker to discuss trends in the innovation field.

  • Elite Retreat Focuses on Inventing the Future of the Conference


    As conferences proliferate, only those that offer attendees an educational and interpersonal experience will stand out, as this “think tank” on the future of conferences revealed.

  • Philippines Telecomm Forum Focuses on IT Innovation

    Enterprise Innovation Forum

    Globe Telecomm gathered leading business stalwarts from the Philippines and abroad for the third installment of its Enterprise Innovation Forum (EIF) at the Makati Shangri-La.

  • The evolution, current challenges and future of innovation

    Innovation Management

    Author Robert B. Tucker shares some thought-provoking insights into the state of innovation, including its surprising growth to date, what’s challenging organizations today and its future outlook.

  • Pam Atherton interview with Robert Tucker on “Innovation is Everybody’s Business”

    Pam Atherton

    Companies and organizations all over the world are shedding jobs in record numbers. BUT… they are desperately in need of people with the abilities and skills to think ahead of the curve, delight customers, motivate colleagues, slash costs and achieve unconventional results.

  • Innovation Excellence Interview: Where is the Innovation Movement Headed?

    Innovation Excellence Logo

    Robert B. Tucker is a popular innovation speaker and consultant. Since 1986, with the publication of “Winning the Innovation Game,” he has coached and advised managers, executives, and entire teams at organizations ranging from IBM to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to SAP. Post-it Note inventor Art Fry said that after a 40 year career developing new products for 3M, “I found myself agreeing with everything Tucker says about taking an idea from concept to successful innovation” in his ground-breaking book “Driving Growth Through Innovation.” President of The Innovation Resource Consulting Group, with clients in 40 countries, Tucker’s primary work is assisting firms in developing sustainable innovation programs. His latest book, “Innovation is Everybody’s Business,” delves into how individual contributors and mid-level managers can ride the innovation trend. He recently sat down with me to discuss the new book and the state of the Innovation Movement.

  • Innovation topic of Santa Barbara Executive Roundtable

    Santa Barbara News Logo

    Robert Tucker was featured in the Santa Barbara Newspress after sharing his innovation insights with SABER, a local group of small and large business professionals that meet regularly to explore new business concepts and current trends.

  • Are You Indispensable at Work?

    MPI Perspective Logo

    In economic instability, advice on professional survival always seems to convey the same message: Be visible. Suck up to the boss. And work even harder. In reality, you are already working hard. Simply working harder will not be enough. But there is something you can do to take charge of your career if you’re willing to consider it.

  • Innovation is Everybody’s Business

    Ventura County Star Logo

    Everyone in business — from CEOs to the entry-level employees — can innovate and add value at his or her organization. “It really is everybody’s job to be innovative,” Tucker said at the seminar hosted by the Thousand Oaks-based 101 Leaders Institute, which was founded by motivational expert Jim Cathcart to help develop more effective leaders.

  • Tucker Leads Global Dialogue on Innovation at 13th Annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

    International Economic Forum

    At this nationally-televised “Power of Innovation” session, Tucker led a panel about the crucial role that innovation now plays in the global market. The “Power of Innovation: When Will Tomorrow Begin?” forum included Craig Barrett, chairman of Intel, Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, Joerg Reinhardt, COO, Novartis, Jan Kubis, executive secretary, UN Economic Commission for Europe, and Anatoly Chubais, CEO of Rosnano.

  • Businesses get strategies for innovation

    Business Times Logo

    A corporate guru yesterday set out in a speech the five broad strategies that should guide businesses seeking innovation. The strategies include an open mindset towards opportunities, a process for managing new ideas and collaboration with customers and stakeholders, said Robert Tucker. The others were developing an innovative culture and a measurement and reward systems for innovation.

  • ‘An innovation calendar is a must for every company’

    DNA Logo

    As a president of The Innovation Resource, a research and innovation consulting firm based in Santa Barbara, California, US, Robert B Tucker has worked with companies including IBM India, Satyam, Nokia, American Express and Citibank to deliver growth and innovation. His numerous books include the international bestseller Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change for the New Century. Tucker spoke on growth through innovation at an event organised by CNBC TV18 in Mumbai on Tuesday. Excerpts: Can innovation ever be systematic? A Yes, we can never systemize the grand innovative idea. But, an innovation calendar is must for the company, where people meet and ideate about disruptive models.

  • Robert B. Tucker predicts innovation trends

    Innovation Tools Logo

    Robert Tucker is the author of several books on innovation, including the classic Driving Growth Through Innovation. In February, he will release Inside the Innovation Elite: Practices of the World’s Most Innovative Companies as an “online, on-demand briefing” to update executives with what’s going on in the field. As president of The Innovation Resource Consulting Group in Santa Barbara, California, USA, Tucker works with a wide range of companies including IBM, Nokia, American Express and Citibank each year to deliver growth through innovation. He recently sat down with InnovationTools’ Chuck Frey, to discuss the global innovation movement, key trends for 2007, and the latest methods companies are developing to drive results.

  • The Power of Creative Imagination

    Solutions World Logo

    The cover story in SolutionsWorld magazine features quotes from Paul Saffo, Michael Schrage, Robert Tucker and Yahoo’s Oliver Raskin in it’s Sept/Oct 2006 issue.

  • PA Manufacturers Magazine: Open Your Mind to Innovation

    Catalyst Connection Logo

    See how formalizing innovation can create a whole other paradign for your manufacturing outfit By Evan Pattak, Contributing Writer The executives of Wilton Armetale Company, the venerable Lancaster County manufacturer of serveware, have gathered around the table for the meeting. Joining them by Internet are staff from the company’s Rochester, N.Y., office and one of the firm’s owners, Steve Wilton, from his home in Boulder, Colo. It may seem like a typical staff meeting, one that will be replicated throughout the manufacturing sector on any given day, but this one is different. It’s called “Skunk Works,” a no- holds-barred, let-the-ideasflow free-for-all in which company personnel are encouraged to question all assumptions and brainstorm off-the-wall product and distribution concepts. “People get excited about ideas,” says Ken Lefever, President and CEO of Wilton Armetale. “One of our rules is: No idea is a bad idea. We don’t laugh at it. Skunk Works determines if we’ll move

  • Rewarding risk-takers will spark innovation

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    After years of rewarding behavior that cut costs and lowered risk, CEOs need to reinforce the behavior that will lead to organic growth. Tucker notes that behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. If you’re now looking for different behavior, you have to get clear on exactly what actions, decisions, cultural norms and values you’ve been rewarding – and then look for ways to incent different behaviors going forward.

  • Creativity is essential for success in all companies

    PLM Logo

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a system driven by innovation, endorses Tucker’s assertion that creativity and innovation are vital to long term success and must be cultivated. “By recognizing and honoring the important role of creativity, and by encouraging people to further develop it, it’s possible to spur innovation at all levels of an organization,” says Robert B. Tucker.

  • Ask the Expert: Tucker says innovation requires a systematic approach.

    Innovate Forum Logo

    While cost-cutting measure like Six Sigma can create short term results, they don’t build a future source of wealth. According to Tucker, innovative companies “are designing and implementing a process for innovation that keeps future growth on the front burner, no matter how busy everyone is executing on today’s deliverables. They are learning from the mistakes of failed initiatives, and adopting the best practices of ‘innovation vanguard companies’ in order to foster cultures where employees contribute ideas that get taken seriously.”

  • An Action Plan for Innovation

    Managing Automation Logo

    Esselte Corporation in Stamford, CT recently implemented a complete innovation makeover. Their innovation plan follows Robert Tucker’s strategy for improving enterprise-wide innovation, which he defines on three levels: product, process, and strategy. “Companies have to do all three,” Tucker says. “Companies are now starting to recognize that they can’t wait for the next happy accident to get to the next breakthrough idea. It’s not enough to meet the challenges manufacturers face today.”

  • Grind Takes Its Toll as Workload Gets Spread Among Fewer Bodies

    L.A. Business Journal Logo

    Grind Takes Its Toll as Workload Gets Spread Among Fewer Bodies, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal. What happens when a roomful of knowledge workers finally hits a wall of fatigue? Productivity falls and burnout increases. Robert B. Tucker, president of Innovation Resource of Santa Barbara, said workers spend too much of their time responding to e-mails, phone calls and voice-mail messages and not enough time coming up with innovative ideas. That’s more the fault of the employers, who have not made new hires even though corporate profits have skyrocketed.

  • Too much to do makes workers dull Logo

    The average worker is interrupted daily by an average of 200 e-mails, according to a Gallup Pitney Bowes survey, and that doesn’t account for assorted phone calls and voice mail messages. Result: less time to be creative, Tucker told a standing room only audience of area manufacturers in Allentown, Pennsylvania recently. ”With our multi-tasking work style, everyone has so much to get done,” Tucker said. ”It’s not good for creating ideas.”

  • How to Add Innovation To an Arduous Job Search

    Wall Street Journal Logo

    Even job searches go better when we inject the spirit of innovative thinking. This article discusses three ways Tucker suggests job-seekers search differently, including identifying what you’re passionate about, brainstorming with different people and being open to suggestions.

  • Design Intelligence Senior Fellows

    Design Intelligence Logo

    Robert Tucker accepts Senior Fellowship at the Design Futures Council, Washington, D.C. At a banquet ceremony in La Jolla, California, on May 6th, 2003, Tucker was designated a Senior Fellow at the Design Futures Council, joining such luminaries as Joe Pine, John Seeley Brown, former Harvard professor Richard Farson and the late inventor R. Buckminster Fuller. Tucker presented his ideas on “The Architecture of Innovation” the following day at DFC’s Summit on Creativity at the Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA. DFC is a global network of design community professionals whose mission is to explore trends, changes, and new opportunities in design, architecture, engineering, and building technology. Members include leading architecture and design firms; manufacturers and service providers and forward-thinking construction and design firms from throughout the world.

  • Influential reviewer gives Driving Growth Through Innovation five star rating.

    Innovation Tools Logo

    Innovation Tools, Inc.’s publisher Chuck Frey, a leading voice of the Innovation Movement, rates Tucker’s new book “one of the best innovation books I’ve read in a long time,” and gives it his coveted highest endorsement. “Tucker does a terrific job of clearly and compellingly explaining the systematic innovation methodologies used by the extraordinarily successful Innovation Vanguard companies, and provides readers with one valuable insight after another into how to make these principles work for you. Driving Growth Through Innovation is highly practical and inspiring book, a field guide to successfully implementing systematic innovation that should be on every entrepreneur and innovation manager’s bookshelf, yet at the same time a compelling manifesto for change in how most companies approach innovation. I highly recommend this book!” For a link to the full review (and to register to receive Chuck Frey’s influential weekly updates on innovation and brainstorming software)