Intelligent Talk Show

Have you ever wished there was a way to spice up those important – but often boring –panel discussions at your association or company meeting? Now there is: Recently some of your fellow meeting professionals have retired that drab, draped table with the squeaky microphones and the hunched over panelists. Instead, they have introduced an exciting new format, produced and hosted by Robert B. Tucker, that we refer to as “The Intelligent Talk Show.” Result: Good-by snoresville. Hello packed house.With the talk show format:

  • Panelists become “guests” on a “live” show and are more animated, lively and better prepared to get their message across
  • Guests are more willing to tackle the tough issues that create industry buzz, and keep attendees coming back next year
  • The “talk show” often shows up in meeting evaluations as the highlight of the entire convention

Robert Tucker in conversation with Dr. Stephen Oesterle, Senior Vice President for Medicine and Technology at Medtronic at “Innovation Convergence", a Talk Show Robert hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota which also featured guests from 3M, Cargill and FedEx

“The “Power Hour” was a resounding success. Your thorough preparation, willingness to rehearse, and ability to coax a performance out of the ‘guests’ made it truly a combination of David Letterman meets Oprah.”

– Western Energy Institute

The talk show format is easy to do. Here’s how it works:

  • Guests are selected by you and your program committee
  • Using your existing general session stage set, a Letterman-style city lights backdrop, desk and leather chairs can be rented from a local production house
  • “Commercial breaks” are often included to add excitement
  • Tucker coordinates with each guest via conference calls and one-on-one phone interviews to zero in on what each guest wants to convey, and to coach more creative, lively ways of conveying that information
To learn more about how the Intelligent Talk Show Format could add value at your next meeting, contact: Marketing Director at (805) 682-1012 or

Client Praise

CoreNet“Your contribution was a major part of our success!” Thank you for facilitating the Faceoff between our end users and service providers.”
- Bruce W. Margine
Executive Director
Union Gas“The Talk Show you hosted has been the talk of the town. . .your professionalism, energy and humour added tremendously to the success of this event.”
- J.L. Peverett
NAMM“The whole morning’s content and presentation were very much appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work on the preparation, it was really evident how well prepared you were for the session."
- Betty Heywood
Director of International Affairs
“The talk show format worked out very well, delivered exactly what I was hoping for and met the Committee expectations. I was very glad that the Committee agreed to engage you to host that program rather than trying to do it themselves (their first thought).”
- Dave Burch
Precision Machined Products Association

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