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Are You and Your Organization Confronting Issues Like These?

“We’re good at cost cutting and operational excellence.  How do we drive growth in a mature and disrupted market?”

“We’ve got ideas, but how do we select, develop and implement the strongest ones with greater agility?”

“We are a risk-adverse culture in the extreme and it inhibits our ability to take bold action.”

“How do we move beyond incremental improvements and produce truly game-changing new products, services and business models?”

If So, Get Ready to Start Your Innovation Journey!

Innovation consultant and speaker Robert B. Tucker has a unique approach to helping companies master innovation. Instead of lengthy and expensive consulting projects, Tucker believes you and your team have the “right stuff” within your company to unleash a new wave of products, services, processes and business models. What you need is a Tucker innovation workshop.

Using strategies outlined in his book, Driving Growth Through Innovation, Tucker assists you and your colleagues in “leading from the top” -- making innovation a top strategic imperative. Next he shows you how to design and implement an Idea Management Process to get new ideas flowing. And then he teaches you and your team the essential tools necessary to discover breakthrough ideas, create a culture of innovation, and involve everyone in the process. No wonder 200 of the Fortune 500 companies have benefited from Tucker’s advice!

innovation workshop
innovation workshop
innovation workshop
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Master the 5 Best Practices of
The Innovation Resource

The secret to accelerating your company’s innovation progress starts with developing a simple plan. Based on his extensive study of the world’s most innovative companies, Robert Tucker will serve as your guide to mastering The Five Best Practices of Innovation. The result is that you and your innovation team will create a systematic, embedded and sustainable innovation process. Tucker will guide you in creating the right incentives and rewards to encourage innovation behavior. He'll advise you in developing the innovation skills you'll need to cascade this new approach throughout the organization. As a result, you will move the growth needle with the introduction of new products, services, processes and business models. You'll engage employees at a deeper level and  attract and retain quality talent. With Robert Tucker as your guide, you’ll go from where you are to where you want to be in record time.

Innovation Consulting Step-by-Step Using The Tucker Innovation Model

According to Tucker, innovation is about the flow of ideas in a company. The input, throughput and output of fresh, powerful ideas that fuel your future. To build lasting innovation capability, key managers must be taught the “mindset, skill-set and toolset” of the innovator. One tool that has proven helpful to thousands of managers worldwide is the Tucker Innovation Model. Discover how this model can help accelerate innovation in your firm.

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Our Tool For Improving
Innovation Culture

Our engagements often begin with a customized Tucker Innovation Climate Survey. This proprietary assessment, developed in conjunction with a leading marketing research agency, provides you with a way to objectively measure the enablers of and barriers to creating a culture of engagement and innovation. From there, we assist you in developing a step-by-step action plan for how your organization can create a holistic, systematic and embedded innovation process. 

Developing Leaders of Innovation

Tucker’s unique approach to embedding innovation as a core competency in your organization involves identifying a core group of individuals who will lead the revolution. They will be charged with designing and leading the initiative so they need Innovation Skills. According to Tucker, these skills can be learned, but you need to know where you stand.  Use the assessment below to determine your own I-Skills, then get ready to lead the journey!

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