• Seven Techniques For Getting Creatively Unstuck

    Getting stuck doesn’t have to become a personal crisis. Not if you have a few tools in your toolkit for just such times. Here are seven surefire ways to avoid the time- wasting, agonizing period of non-productivity known as being stuck — and get quickly back on track:


Robert Tucker – Innovation Speaker, Futurist & Author of “Driving Growth Through Innovation”

Among innovation speakers and futurists worldwide, Robert Tucker has been a familiar name for over two decades.

The bestselling author of “Driving Growth Through Innovation: How Leading Companies are Transforming Their Futures,” Tucker delivers practical, inspiring and interactive programs and master classes to literally thousands of business leaders and organizations around the world each year.

A former adjunct professor at UCLA, Tucker’s highly customized keynote speeches regularly receive rave reviews from hundreds of trade and professional associations in the United States and in an ever growing list of countries. Among his clients are 200 of the Fortune 500 largest companies in the world.

The essence of what Tucker teaches is that the need for creativity and innovation in business has never been greater. Today, organizations are challenged by slowing growth, a lack of differentiation in their products and services, and the threat of being blindsided by marketplace disruption. These trends collectively require leaders who have developed what Tucker calls the “mindset, toolset and skillset” of the innovator to create new market space, seize the initiative, and create a culture that makes innovation everybody’s business.

As you peruse our website, sample our innovation tools and read our blogs, please consider that “Whatever your position, profession or industry, your ability to innovate – to problem solve, experiment, dazzle customers, collaborate with others, drive growth, and above all think and lead ahead of the curve – will give you a competitive edge that can never be taken away from you.”

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